Web design - Copywriting - SEO Strategy - AR menu experience

Located in the heart of Melbourne, La Spaghetteria Ristorante is home to Italy's regional specialties and the highest standards of customer service. Their managers and owners engaged Codigo Creative to design and develop their website. One of the core objectives was to shohwcase two amazing venues that the restaurant has.


We needed to achieve an identity that would communicate trust. We chose to apply high contrasting elements with plenty of space and simplicity. The typography was chosen to reflect stability, and the colour usage is intended to communicate hope and growth.

Hand Crafted Website

Our creative team was inspired to design a website based on the traditional style of a family owned italian restaurant that can offer elite dishes and a unique selection of rich wines.

Augmented Reality Menu

La Spaghetteria wanted to introduce an innovative way to explain their customers about their dishes. Codigo Creative produced a menu where the users could see videos and images by pointing at the menu with their smartphones. The AR menus also allowed customers to place their order directly to the kitchen, allowing La Spaghetteria to boost productivity and reduce margin error in delivering the food.

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