App Design - User Interface Design - Product Re-Design

BMW developed a vehicle appraisal tool that was needing dramatic visual and usability changes. The design and experience needed lots of improvements, so we refreshed all UI components, and simplified experiences in some areas of the process.

The Challenge

The drafts of the wireframe were examined by our developers in an early stage. It had a complex user experience and the menus were saturated. The user experience was confusing and hard to understand.

Our UX team re-sketched fresh ideas to achieve a simpler and cleaner navigation. The experience at this stage was offering more room to start brainstorming a design that would load faster and would be more user friendly.

The outcome

The futuristic style and simple elements of the design made everything possible. We achieved friendly and clean design maintaining the high-end visuals of the brand. The icons were meticulously crafted to deliver high contrast and good visibility even in devices with poor resolution screens.

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