How to use the power of geo location marketing

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The GPS technology that works today on nearly every smartphone under the sun has transformed dramatically the way we interact with advertising. This has been happening for a few years and it will keep getting much more interesting!

The attention that most of the print and outdoor media used to call on customers is increasingly demanding higher levels of creativity. It's time to start working hard to and put a whole bunch of fresh ideas on the table to catch up with all the competitors that are including digital solutions in the recipe. The result of combining Geo-location technologies and the traditional media offers a very powerful range of tools that are worth having a look at.

Sharing Love with your customers

Customers love to be rewarded and pampered with gifts, free samples and price reductions! so it's a great opportunity to increase repeated sales! Incentives will automatically boost results and referrals exponentially, and your loyal buyers will simply keep coming for more! Foot traffic and brand recognition figures should go up the roof!

But, how can these incentives be implemented through GPS technologies?

The options are limitless! but it's essential to set solid foundations by drawing a strong action plan of a strategy that targets long-term goals and supports your following campaigns with automation and more data.

A good example is a campaign that allows scanning coupons that can be validated via GPS. This can be driven to obtain very specific pieces of information to build a list that lets you do a whole range of things in the future such as reminders and geo-fence triggers

Geo-location campaigns offer effective ways to connect with customers very closely using notifications that will alert them directly with a message on their device home screen.

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