How to fix your broken customer journey

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A well crafted system in place should make you back at least double or triple the amount you invest.

There are a lot of businesses owners investing tons of money generating traffic to their digital channels and a whole lot of different advertising methods; and I have seen more and more often that it happens because they have been told told that getting on Google's first page will flood their door with customers. but after a few years of throwing money away, they realise that have been prescribed with the wrong methods, so they keep paying and paying big money trying different platforms, and different tools. These business owners soon realise that the cost per click is getting super expensive because their keywords are becoming super competitive too.

But is not about generating the traffic. Most people tend to think that they have a traffic problem, and they think that their sales will explode if they are ranking number 1 in Google bringing hundreds of thousands of visitors to their website. But they are very far from realising that this is not going to show significant numbers if there is not a plan in place that multiplies the chances of converting this traffic into actual revenues. You might be indeed bringing a lot of people to see your content on social networks and websites, but when you if you are not retaining enough of them, you are just leaving a lot of money on the table  because 95% of these visitors simply go away. 

This is a problem affecting hundreds of businesses and you may not even be realising it! All of these people that browse through these pages with only a contact form and phone number are most likely to never come back or have an intention to go and grab their credit card to make a purchase.

If you don’t have an engagement system and process in place, and you are not trying to retain your web traffic from the second they hit your website, you are burning a truckload of money. That is the reason why I call it “Broken Journey”, because you are investing money and time building your customer journey, but it's just generating a loss… the amount of searches are not bringing enough transactions, and you are not being able to measure your actual return of investment!

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