How Creative Graphic Design Directly Impacts Your Bottom Line

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If you're a decision maker in a corporation, you cannot overlook graphic design. Having visual appeal can greatly improve your bottom line.

Every business owner worth their salt knows that appealing to consumers' vision is the fastest way to hook them. Humans recall 80% of the images they see, compared to only 20 percent of the information they read. That's why graphic design and especially creative graphic design is so critical to your business's bottom line.Visual interfaces exist everywhere nowadays. With millions upon millions of brands to compete against, your business needs a way to stand out from the rest. Here's how graphic design can help you do this.

Graphic Design Establishes Brand Identity

Take a moment, and try to think of any well-established brand which does not have a well-designed logo. Or consistently designed marketing. Or branding that doesn't help the business stand out. You can't, because such a business doesn't exist. Weaker businesses may only hire a graphic designer to create their logo. They think that their branding design and strategy stop there. They don't. Every print ad, every online banner, every social media post, every image gets curated to align with your brand and its perceived values. The worst thing you can do for your business is to give it a brand identity through graphic design that matches up with everyone else's ideas.

While there's something to be said for watching the trends, your business must walk a fine line between remaining up to date and losing its identity. The bottom line: graphic design shows consumers who you are.

Graphic Design Draws, Holds Consumer Attention

Keeping your consumer's attention for longer than the average goldfish can prove difficult. However, if your company's logo and other branding have interesting, creative, and relevant graphic design, it helps your chances. Whether you appeal to colour psychology, empathy, or both, your company's graphic design can help boost your sales. Consider the impressive rebrand undertaken by US-based protein bar brand think!, once known as ThinkThin. They dropped a word with loaded connotations from their packaging. Then, they enlarged the brand name. Last, they added flavour-based colours to the edge of their packaging. This helped them stand out once more on store shelves after other brands mimicked their original beige packaging. If your company's images are well-designed, consumers will look at them longer. They'll consider them longer and be more likely to recall or buy your brand.The bottom line: graphic design arrests and retains your customers' eyes.

Good Graphic Design Adds Professionalism

Nothing tanks consumer interest in a brand like bad graphic design. Whether it's a poorly-designed logo, incomprehensible web design, or ugly signage, a design faux pas can set your business back for ages. The other critical thing you must ensure is consistency. Having well-designed branding materials is all well and good. However, if they're disparate, it makes your company look disjointed and unprofessional. The bottom line: graphic design creativity and consistency help your company's professionalism.

Graphic Design Strengthens Your Message

Connecting to the consistency mentioned above, creative graphic design can strengthen your company's message. The values your company stands by and wishes to convey should stand front and centre of your design philosophy as well. Graphic design strengthens your company's specific message. It also communicates that you care enough to invest in an area that others leave as an afterthought. It illustrates your confidence in your business's identity. This will improve your traction with your customer base. The bottom line: your company's message and communication grow stronger through graphic design.

Creative Graphic Design Sets You Apart

With thousands, if not millions, of competitors in our digital landscape, it's so easy to get lost in the shuffle. It's even easier if you skimp on your design department, and get saddled with generic imagery. Don't let this happen to you. No matter your industry, you need to stand apart from your competitors. If five other companies offer your services at similar price points, your design might be your saving grace. If you let yourself get creative and consistent with your graphic design, you can become an industry leader. Others will then follow your design footsteps, rather than the other way around. Think of Apple's design philosophy. Design simplicity and form as function revolutionized smartphones for everyone. The bottom line: creative graphic design moulds your corporate image into something unique and industry-leading.

Other Crucial Factors to Consider

If your company only involves artists in the graphic design process, you're missing crucial insights. While a layperson may not have the terminology of a graphic designer, they can understand what looks good. They know what visually appeals from a customer's perspective. Consider consulting your customers not only for the marketing process but the design process as well. Many companies hesitate to invest further in the design department. The reason why? Tracking financial performance after a design function change can be tricky. However, don't let this stop you. Even indirect tracking can still show improvement, especially if you control for other factors.

Bringing It All Together

So, what must all businesses keep in mind when considering how graphic design affects their bottom line? Confident, creative graphic design communicates clear brand identity and principles to customers. It also maintains professionalism. Don't act like your competitors. They often ignore this crucial piece of their financial puzzle. Invest in your company's graphic design development today. If you're ready to bring your business to the next level of creative design, the experts at Codigo Creative are here to help you. Contact us today, and see how we can boost your business!

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