How to attract and retain the right customers using Emotional Loyalty.

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Emotional Loyalty can significantly bring up results of your sales figures.

When you build and genuinely care for a strong relationship with the people that are buying your products and services, you can make a huge difference in your revenues.

Have a look at your social media feeds and you will see how tons of businesses are just making noise. They are shouting about how good their product is and how cheap it is, but they don't stop and think how can they offer real value to their audience; and how they harvest a long lasting relationship. A lot of these business owners can’t do it because they don’t clearly know the journey that their customers are going through…

You can experience a massive difference when you spark a relationship when is not all about you! It’s all about your target consumer and it’s about understanding their needs, and their unique journey. So when your brand comes in and influences them right in this moment, that's when you see the huge difference! That moment when you solve your customer's problem. That's when you convert this customer into a buyer, and you start to build a relationship of trust and loyalty with them.

So a little detail that makes a huge difference is when you actually understand how much more people are likely to come to you to when real value is being given to them. Now, imagine if you knew their preferences and their contact details!

The communication methods are changing and evolving so dramatically, but make sure you don’t forget that there are old school marketing components that will always exist and they will be in many cases the hub of how you advertise your brand today. 

The combination of these basic old school marketing with the power of today's technology is one big winning formula. And one of the best parts of this mix is that you can actually measure every little component of the results in real time. 

Technology has shaped the perfect environment for loyalty and the strategies can be geared in a much more efficient way, so make sure you don’t underestimate this superpower.

If you take a look at how things were happening 20 years ago, a good number of really successful advertising campaigns were developed around print collateral, and personalised media that sparked "emotional reactions". People felt someone was caring about them, so the stuff that was hitting their inbox was not rubbish, and it was way above the other "junk" mail they were being flooded with. The personalisation of successful advertising material has been triggering emotional attachments for a long time.

Today, if you manage to mix and tune the right components, you can make a massive difference in your results because finding ways to stand out is becoming more and more challenging.

 "emotional loyalty" it's a very powerful weapon in today’s saturated environment.

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