3 steps to exponentially grow your organic traffic.

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We've come across many businesses that even after spending ages building a decent amount of content for their website and spending serious amounts of money on optimisation, they were still getting very little traffic and they were finding their results in a critical condition! Their online traffic was simply not responding at all.

But Here's how we change those patterns:

Step 1: Assessment

We always perform a comprehensive assessment to detect hidden issues and penalties that prevent the target keywords to rank #1. Normally, the optimisation of the pages is very poor, and very few effective links are found.

Then we search for the keywords that are not ranking at the top, but where most of the traffic is currently sitting. Once we identify them, we push them up and the needle usually starts waking up within a couple of weeks.

Step 2: Competitor's Performance Research

We book a follow-up meeting to understand how the overall performance and goals are progressing, then apply the content correctly based on specific industry trends. The next step is to find and analyse every relevant competitor aspect that the site isn’t targeting yet, and turn these into the foundations of our content strategy. We draw our blueprint around similar PPC costs, so they plan objectives are realistically achievable.

Step 3: Measure Results and Campaign Re-focus

After 90 days of tracking results, we begin re-linking some high volume keywords that we used in our content strategy. Usually, the results of our clients are turning them into niche dominators.

Here is an example of how the results look like:

 organic traffic campaign results

These are the reasons why we emphasise the importance of following a strategic plan as we have seen very impressive results in a short period of time. We highly recommend all of our clients to be consistent in their plan and encourage them to stay on for at least 3 months.

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